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What is Summit?

Summit is a powerful no-code platform empowering users to create custom triggers, actions, and models to open a universe of possibilities in other no-code platforms & workflow automation software. Summit lets users seamlessly connect to a library of AI models and launch new components that break the limits of traditional no-code workflow tools. Using a visual editor and a simple but powerful language, users can launch models that perform complex calculations, scrape the web for new insights, and unlock new automation capabilities as easily as drawing on a whiteboard. Each Summit model can also be easily converted into an interactive web page to engage audiences and collect new data sources to enhance your existing workflows.

To learn more about the individual parts that make Summit work, jump ahead to these Help Center articles or keep reading below:

Do you have examples or a virtual assistant to help me get started?

Yes! We have a series of examples in our Recipes site that can easily be imported into your account. Simply open a recipe and click the Copy button. Navigate to the All Models area of Summit, click Import model in the upper right corner, then Paste the recipe into the main code text field, and click Import. It's that easy!

You can also look to GPT for help getting started! You can chat with multiple GPT instructors to learn about Summit, our modeling language, and get help creating your first model. We have a GPT built for teaching both data scripting with SEL (Summit Event Language) and simulations. These are a great resource for beginners for guided assistance on how to get started and see examples of the models you can build with Summit:

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