Sharing Models

Learn how convert models to shareable templates.

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Can I share a copy of my model with someone else?

Yes! When viewing a model, click Export under Sharing on the left side of the screen. A window will appear with a section labeled Share a copy. Click the Share a copy button and a unique link will appear. Click the Copy button next to the link to add a unique, shareable URL to your clipboard.

Once pasted into a browser, a screen will appear with the option to click Start from this model to add an editable copy to your account. After a user clicks the button, the events and layout of the model will be added to that user's account as a new, editable model.

๐Ÿ’ก Notes:

  • If you don't have a Summit account when choosing to create a new model from a copy, you'll first be directed to a page to create an account in order to access an editable version of the model.

  • If a user adds a new project to their account from a copy of a live model, it will still be copied over as a draft model associated with their account.

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