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Using Imported Data
Using Imported Data

Learn how to use the data you've imported in your events and formulas in Summit.

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How do I use imported data on my Summit events and formulas?

Summit allows you to reference specific data you've imported to your account. Like event references, data references take a special format: ${name_of_data} As you type ${ into an event formula bar, the list of available metrics will appear in a list. Continue typing and the list will filter. Highlight and select the one that you'd like to include in your event.

To reference your monthly recurring revenue, for example, you'd write:


Data references may also be included in formulas or used in the construction of events. For example:

  • =${recurring_revenue} * 0.15 # app store commission on revenue

  • =Source(${cash_balance})

The full list of data names can also be found by expanding the details of your data import (Account settings >> Import data).

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