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Onboarding to Revenue Expansion Calculator from Arrows
Onboarding to Revenue Expansion Calculator from Arrows

A customizable calculator that shows the value of optimizing your customer onboarding process.

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How does the calculator work? See the video walkthrough from Arrows:

Video walkthrough of Onboard to Revenue Expansion Calculator from Arrows

This customizable calculator demonstrates how helping your customers realize the value of your product or service faster also helps you grow your own business.

Investing in your customer onboarding is essential for reducing customer churn. The sooner you guide customers toward realizing the value of your product or service, the more likely they are to renew and expand their business with you. Speeding up this moment of account growth has a compounding effect--as customers start to benefit from your offering, the more quickly your own financial performance improves as seen through metrics like increased MRR, cash balance, and CLTV.

Based on your initial inputs and assumed consistent week-over-week customer growth, this calculator can show you the financial impact of an improved onboarding process for your business.

If your customer onboarding program already reduces churn and effectively encourages customers to expand their business with you, then optimizing the performance of that program can also increase the likelihood of realizing growth sooner than later--again resulting in improved returns for your business!

To learn more about optimizing your onboarding, check out The Startup CEO’s Guide to Customer Success and Onboarding from Arrows.

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