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Can I Copy/Paste events and routes?

Yes! You can copy any events with connected routes (or standalone events), text boxes, or shapes, and paste them onto the active board. To copy, click to select a single component, or click and drag your mouse to highlight multiple components, then press Cmd (or Ctrl) + C on your keyboard.

You then can choose how you'd like the events to appear on the board after pasting--either with or without the same connected routes from the copied event(s). To paste the highlighted events with the same connected routes, press Cmd (or Ctrl) + V on your keyboard. This is helpful when creating multiple sources of revenue or expense categories and would like to send their values to the same events downstream.

To paste selected events without the connected routes, press Cmd (or Ctrl) + Shift + V on your keyboard. This method can be helpful if you wish to copy only a single event in the middle of your model and including existing upstream or downstream event values would add unnecessary complexity.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: Text boxes and shapes will paste the same using either method.

What is Privacy Mode?

Privacy mode allows you to hide all formulas and values from your board, while retaining the visibility of the event titles and routes. This feature can be helpful when presenting sensitive information on your board to certain audiences or sharing your board on social media.

To activate privacy mode, simply click the shield icon labeled Toggle Privacy Mode on the right side of the screen. You can also toggle privacy mode by hitting the 'p' key on your keyboard.

All formulas and values will blur. To view any values out of focus, hover your mouse over the formula or cell in the output table to make the value temporarily visible. You can also click on an event to highlight it and reveal all values in the corresponding output table row.

To disable privacy mode, simply click the shield icon again.

Privacy mode in the Summit editor

Are keyboard shortcuts available in Summit?

See below for a current list of available keyboard shortcuts. We're always expanding the list, so if you have ideas for new additions, please let us know!


  • Show/hide keyboard shortcuts: Cmd (or Ctrl) + /

  • Toggle Privacy Mode: P

  • Toggle output panel: O

  • Highlight next editable input field: Tab

  • Add new event: Double-click empty area on the canvas

  • Grab and move canvas: Hold Space, then click and drag an empty area of the canvas.

  • De-select current selection: Esc

  • Move selection on canvas without snapping-to-grid: Hold Shift while moving selection.

  • Copy events (and routes): Highlight desired events (and routes), then press Cmd (or Ctrl) + C

  • Paste events and connected routes: Cmd + V

  • Paste selection only: Cmd (or Ctrl) + Shift + V

  • Delete current selection: Backspace (or Delete)


  • Toggle bold: Cmd (or Ctrl) + B

  • Toggle italics: Cmd (or Ctrl) + U

  • Toggle top-border: Cmd (or Ctrl) + I

  • Edit highlighted row: E

  • Highlight multiple rows: Click a row in the output table, then hold Cmd (or Ctrl) and click on additional rows to select them.

  • Highlight multiple rows in order: Click a row in the output table, then hold Shift and click the last row in the list of rows you wish to select to highlight them all.

I have an idea I want to jot down quickly in Summit--what's the easiest way to create a new board?

You can instantly create a new board by simply typing into the URL bar in any browser. If you're logged in to your Summit account, a new blank board will immediately appear so you can get your thoughts down on the canvas as soon as inspiration strikes!

My model failed to run and I'm not sure what I did wrong. Help?

To identify the source of an issue in your model, look for the error indicator โš ๏ธ in the top-right corner of one of your events. Hovering over the icon will reveal a message that clarifies the reason for the error.

Additionally, you can click the simulation status icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will reveal a panel that provides details about the simulation, including the total number of results, simulation run time, and details about any errors found in your events.

Hopefully these options help you identify the specific cause of issues in your model, but if not, you can always reach the Summit support team by sending us a message from the Help menu or emailing us at [email protected].

For additional troubleshooting information click here.

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