Importing Data

Learn how to import data to account so it can be referenced in your events and formulas.

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How do I add data to my account?

You can upload or enter custom metrics you'd like to reference in your event formulas from the Import data section of account settings. This can be helpful if your business tracks metrics in a spreadsheet (e.g., available cash, number of customers, pipeline value, etc) and you'd like to make these metrics available to members of your team to use in their models.

Under the section header Spreadsheet upload, click the button labeled Upload. A window will appear where you'll have the option to either manually type in each metric into the displayed table (name, date, value) or upload these data rows from a spreadsheet. Follow the instructions on the window to enter your metrics.

Once complete, a list of data successfully imported will appear. You can view the list of metrics you entered (or uploaded) by clicking the "+" under the Upload metrics button. Uploaded and connected metrics each have a name (e.g. cash) and can now be pulled into events on your board using data references, which are explained in detail here. Click "-" to collapse the list view.

How to upload data to your Summit account

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