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Learn how to create multiple versions of a project for saving progress, undoing changes, creating scenarios, and presenting results.

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What are Versions?

Versions are a powerful feature in Summit that allow you to save your project in a static state so you can then refer back to it at a later time. Versions are a helpful way to: freely explore new ideas without losing your starting point; store monthly updates to your forecasts; develop alternate scenarios of your analysis; or create step-by-step presentations to show how your model was constructed.

Board version history in Summit

How do I create a version of my project?

To create a new version of your project, click the dropdown arrow (⬇️) next to your project title. Select the option that reads Save as a version. Enter a title and optional description for this version of your project and then click Save changes to save the version to your version history.

How to create a new version of your board in Summit

How do I view or change earlier versions of my project?

To view a list of the versions you've created, click the dropdown arrow next to the project title (⬇️) and select Show version history. A panel on the right side of the screen will appear that displays a list of all previously created versions. When you select a version, the canvas and output table will display as they appeared when you originally saved the version in a Read-only mode.

The Working Copy of your project can be thought of as Edit mode. Your working copy is the active state of your model and can be changed however you wish. Updates are saved automatically, but if you want to preserve a given state of your project as a version for later use, simply follow the steps above to create a version.

💡 Note: Alternatively, with the version history displayed, and after making changes to the project after saving a version, you can click the button in the version history side panel labeled Save as a version to create a new version of your project.

When viewing previously saved project versions, you can return to the "edit mode" version of your project by clicking the Return to working copy button from the version history side panel.

How to browse version history and view previous board version in Summit

Can I edit a previously created version?

Earlier versions cannot be modified, but you can set them as the working copy of your project from the dropdown menu next to the version title in your version history. You can then make your desired changes to the project and save it as a new version.

⚠️ Note: Setting an earlier version as the working copy will replace all changes made to your project since the latest version. Proceed with caution!

Set version as working copy of your board in Summit

Alternatively, you can create a new project from a version and edit the version as its own project without overwriting changes to the working copy in your current project.

Create a new board from version in Summit

We hope you enjoy using versions! If you experience any issues or have questions, contact us at [email protected].

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