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Debt Repayment Calculator

Debt Repayment Calculator in Summit

This calculator creates a simulation and payment schedule for any form of debt financing. Using the app view, visitors can enter basic information about the loan (e.g. amount, monthly payment, APR) to determine the length of time it will take to pay down the balance and calculate the total cost from interest.

User + Usage-Based Pricing Calculator

User and Usage-based Pricing Calculator in Summit

Prospects often like to understand how much they will spend on your service before they sign up. A variable, multi-factor pricing model can make this difficult without some guidance. Using this calculator, you can help your prospects to generate estimated invoice totals over time by projecting the number of seats on the account, usage (e.g. price per API call), and growth over time (with limits). This works as a powerful internal tool if you'd like to forecast revenue performance on certain accounts to inform your own forecasting.

For a pricing calculator that also takes into account tiers and volume discounts, an advanced version of this app can be viewed here and the editor view can be found here.

Simple Monthly Savings (ROI) Calculator

Simple Monthly Savings (ROI) Calculator in Summit

This template is a simple, but powerful, tool to show your audience how your product or service results in savings vs. an alternative. Use it to create an engaging calculator to compare the cost of your product or service vs. the status quo, a competitor, etc. over a desired period of time. The template can also be configured to reflect changes in costs over time (e.g. monthly / annual increases) for your service or the competition.

Task-based Savings (ROI) Calculator

Task-based Savings (ROI) Calculator in Summit

Help your prospects quantify the value you deliver. If your product or solution reduces the amount of manual effort required for your customers to complete a task or set of tasks, you can use this calculator to measure and aggregate the savings over time.

Asset Value Growth Forecast

Asset Value Growth Forecast in Summit

Use this app template to forecast the changes in value to a portfolio of assets over time. Each asset can take a growth rate and a derivative (change rate on its growth rate). This is a very flexible template that can be adapted for investments, real estate, baseball cards, and beyond!

Basic Financial Forecast & Runway Calculator

Basic Financial Forecast and Runway Calculator in Summit


A financial forecast and runway calculator can simulate your expected cash inflows and outflows over time so you can understand when your cash balance is expected to fall below zero or some critical threshold. Knowing your runway allows you to make strategic decisions about fundraising, timing new investments, or reducing large expenses to keep your company on track for profitability.

Acquisition & Retention Calculator

Acquisition & Retention Calculator Template in Summit


The relative importance of acquisition vs. retention is often over-simplified and not well understood by most businesses. This calculator uses true cohort-based retention to forecast growth plateaus based on your retention rates and customer acquisition rates for a more realistic view of long-term revenue and customer growth potential.

New Sales Hire Payback Calculator

New Sales Hire Payback Calculator


This calculator uses salary, commission rates, annual vs. monthly invoicing, bookings, quotas, and ramp-up period to calculate the out-of-pocket cost and net payback of a new sales hire.

Sales & Support Staff Hiring Calculator

Sales & Support Staff Hiring Calculator Template in Summit


This simulation takes a performance-based approach to guide your most critical hiring decisions. This simulation assumes an expanding pipeline of leads and bandwidth per sales rep (Sales Rep Ratio) will direct the hiring plan for sales. You can then inform support staff hiring based on ARR capacity (Support Staff Ratio) and see expenses (i.e. support) grow according to sales-driven MRR growth.

B2B Sales Pipeline Forecast

B2B Sales Pipeline Template in Summit


A B2B sales pipeline mirrors the journey prospects experience as they progress through your sales process—from a lead to a successfully completed sale. Understanding how prospects flow through your pipeline is critical because it helps you know what they need to feel supported at each stage—effective pipelines are designed for how your prospects buy, not how you sell. It informs the actions a sales team member should take to support prospects at each stage along the way. An effective pipeline also shows the probability of a prospect advancing to each of those stages and the inherent time delays that occur through the process, such as seeking internal buy-in, scheduling meetings, and discussing the contract with their legal team. In Summit, these delays and probabilities of success at each stage can now be easily represented so you have an accurate understanding of the buyer's journey—a foundational step in creating any realistic sales forecast.

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Lifecycle Simulation Example in Summit


This customer lifecycle simulation is a powerful tool for forecasting customer acquisition and retention over time by taking into account upgrades, downgrades, reactivations, and renewals. While typically cumbersome to accurately reflect in spreadsheets, Summit easily handles the complicated implications of time and the multiple flywheels associated with churn and retention. This simulation can be a compelling resource for accurately demonstrating your understanding of post-sale customer account changes, resulting in a more accurate and realistic revenue forecast.

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