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Learn how to capture leads with your app and see how well your app is performing.

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How do I view the engagement performance of my app?

You can see how well your app is performing with your audience by opening your app from the Pages dashboard and selecting Usage from the left side of the screen. The screen view will then change to display the total number of times the app has been run (as a hosted app, embedded app, or via API) on the top-left side of the screen and how many times per day under the Breakdown per day section.

You can then view details about the daily app runs by selecting a row for a particular day. A list of each app run for that day will appear on the right, along with a timestamp, and whether it was run as a hosted app, embedded app, or via API.

If the default values were changed for a given run, you'll see a Customized values label appear next to the user name (learn how to request a user's email address in the Lead Capture section below). Click the arrow โฌ‡๏ธ on the right side of each row to expand details about a particular app run, which includes the specific input values entered by a user.

How to view performance of your app (Insights) in Summit

Can I request an email address from users of my app?

Yes! With your desired app selected, click Email capture on the left side of the screen. When the toggle is in the active position, app users will be required to enter an email address either (1) Up front, before they interact with the app or (2) On usage, which means users are asked for their email after they have modified the inputs to view personalized results.

How to request an email address from your users (Email Capture) in Summit

๐Ÿ”” Note: With On usage selected, when a user first visits the app, they will still see an initial result based on the default input values you defined. Users will only be prompted to enter their email address after they change a value and click the Run button to view a different result. They will only be prompted to enter their email address once per session.

You can then view the email addresses of your leads by clicking the Usage section on the left-side of the screen for the selected app.

How to view leads captured using your Summit app

Can I receive a notification when someone shares their email address?

Yes! Notifications can be enabled by navigating to the Notifications section of your Account Settings. With the toggle set to the active position next to A hosted page visitor provides their email address and/or A custom link I created has a new visitor, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your account to let you know about the new submission.

Enable email notifications when a new email is provided by an app user

The email you receive will include a link to view details about the user's session with your app, including their input values, time spent interacting with the app, total number of sessions, and any additional demographic information that can be found on the web about the user based on the provided email address.

Example email notification: New app user

If you would like this feature enabled for your account, please send us an email or schedule a call to meet with a member our team.

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