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Configuring DNS

Host your toolkit on your own custom domain or subdomain

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For SEO purposes, it’s best for the toolkit to be attached to your own domain. By default, we recommend going with, but it can be whatever you prefer. You can also choose to work with a dedicated domain name, but keep in mind that any domain authority won’t bleed over in either direction.

We use Vercel’s globally distributed hosting network for hosting your toolkit.

Let us know the full domain you want your toolkit to live on and we’ll configure our hosting correctly. On your end, you’ll have to set up one or two DNS records, depending on your choice of domain name.


If you’re going with a subdomain, add a single CNAME DNS record.

Name: your-subdomain

Dedicated domain

If you’re going with a dedicated domain, add DNS records for both the non-www and www version. We’ll have the non-www version redirect to the www-version, as this gives the least amount of possible problems setting up and is recommended by our hosting partner, Vercel.

Type: A
Name: @ (or empty)

Name: your-subdomain

Configuring Cloudflare

Having issues with an infinite redirect loop? The section below will help.

If you use Cloudflare or similar services to manage your DNS, please follow these additional steps to avoid ending up in a redirection loop.

Either you set up the above DNS records with the orange cloud turned off (i.e. DNS Only mode).

Alternatively, you keep the orange cloud on, but then go to SSL/TLS, then Overview, and ensure that Full is enabled to ensure end-to-end encryption.

Both methods are equally secure.

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